Daily Arithmetic Training

Mental Math Dojo

Strengthen your mental arithmetic skills with daily practice sessions in the Mental Math Dojo.Prove your speed and accuracy to be challenged by harder and harder problems as your skill levels progress.

Three iPads, showing the Mental Math Dojo Train screen, Question screen and Achievements screen

Challenging math practice

Improve your math skills

An iPad showing the Mental Math Dojo question screen, showing the question eight minus two.


Mental Math Dojo provides flash card style practice with addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems. Intelligent progression means you're always challenged with new skills and harder problems.

The Mental Math Dojo achievement screen, showing a person's various achievements


The Dojo's accuracy and speed level-ups let you unlock new and harder questions! Check the achievements tab to see how you're improving.

The Mental Math Dojo profile screen, showing a prompt for a person's name, and the option of selecting Bailey or Taylor, as well as a Create New Profile button and a Let's Go button


Profiles allow multiple people to use the same device, and iCloud syncing provides simple and secure access to the Dojo from multiple devices.

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